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Welcome to Van's Tire Pros in Iberia, OH


We offer the lowest prices on name brand tires and automotive repair services. From oil changes to alignments to brakes, transmissions and more, we can get you on the road. Fast, friendly and Hassle-Free Service.

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Van's Tire Pros Iberia, OH Location



If you’ve got tire issues, you likely know how discouraging it can be. Tires aren’t something most people want to deal with, which can lead to them putting the task off. Fortunately, when you choose professionals you can trust, you know that the tire process doesn’t have to be that painful. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you choose what tires are best for your needs. Whether you know a lot about tires or just a little, our professionals are ready to give you whatever level of guidance you need to rest assured that you’re in good hands. Our Iberia, OH, location gives customers in the area convenient access to responsible tire care.

Why Choose Van’s Tire Pros

Our customers come to us time after time because we have proven that we have reliable and affordable services. Van’s Tire Pros offers customers the chance to create long-term relationships with tire professionals they can rely on and turn to whenever they have any tire-related needs.

Tire Woes? Van’s Tire Pros Can Help

Whether you have a flat tire or old tires that need to be replaced, Van’s Tire Pros are here to do whatever we can to help you get back on the road and drive safely. We’re conveniently located in Iberia, OH, and we’re ready to offer you all the tire services you need to drive with confidence and safety. Contact us, and we’ll be glad to schedule you an appointment or offer a quote for our tires and services. We can help you decide what the best tires are for your vehicle and tire size so that you’re ready to choose tires that reflect the journeys you wish to take. We’re ready to help you at every stage of the journey.

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